The Mighty Canadian Minebuster is one of the original four rollercoasters that debuted with Canada's Wonderland's opening in 1981. The Mighty Canadian Minebuster is located in Action Zone, right before Splashworks with Skyrider on the other side of the pathway. Minebuster was constructed by PTC (Phillidelphia Tobogan Company) in 1981. Minebuster used to have three trains each a seperate colour and did not have individual lap bars. The restraints were a single bar running across both riders. After Paramount bought the park, the cars were changed and given individual lap bars. In 2010, car 3 was removed and car 2 was painted orange instead of the old red. It is located right under Behemoth.

There is currently a program, "The Hanna-Barbera Program", dedicated to having Wonderland rides renamed. Their chosen alternate name for the Minebuster is Smurftaculuar.

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