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Backlot Stunt Coaster is the park's 14th rollercoaster. Added in 2005 when Paramount still owned Canada's Wonderland, the ride was named The Italian Job Stunt Track until the following year in 2006 when the name was changed due to Cedar Fair's purchase of the park. The Mini-Coopers featured on the coaster remained until 2010 when they were re-painted into a generic colour.

Ride Experience[]

To board the ride, you head to where Orbiter is and look for the Backlot sign. After you board the ride, you are lauched out at 60km/hr thanks to a LIM mechanism and twist up a helix. From the helix, you are droped and make many sharp turns after the drop. You then turn around on a small over-banked curve and twist and turn a few more times before dropping through what looks like the stairway of a subway terminal and go to an area where you stop. Back before 2009, the ride would have a helicopter shoot at you and a bunch of barrels explode. Not anymore. After that you are launched once again into an un-lit tunnel. You twist and turn through this tunnel until you come out of a billboard and into a large ditch. There used to be a watersplash in that ditch. After the ditch, you twist up with a 180degree turn and the ride finshes.


From 2005 to 2010, the trains used to be Mini- Cooper models. In 2010, the trains were panited generic colours like red, white, and blue. The trains have 3 cars per train. Each car is two-across seating with two rows. The restraints are contoured lap bars.