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It's a new year at Wonderland and lots of new attractions. For the ride warriors mostly, a new roller coaster has come to Wonderland. Another new movie at the action theatre and a walk through ataraction to go for it and, a new way to not to wait in long lines! Read this article to learn more.


A new giga coaster (A roller coaster more than 300 feet tall) called the Leviathan will make its debut this year at Canada's Wonderland. It is now the tallest (306 feet tall), the fastest (148 km/h) roller coaster in Canada! You'll be sent crashing down on an 80 degre angle as well. It is located in the Medival Faire section of the park and was also built by Bolliger and Mabilard (B&M). The coaster has three trains that can fit 32 people in each.

Dinosaurs Alive and Dinosaurs:Giants of Patagonia 3D[]

A new walk through attraction located in Kidzville will blow your mind away. Dinosaurs Alive is a trail where you get to see anamatronic dinosaurs that move and make sounds. Also in the Action Theatre a movie called Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia 3D will be showing.

Fast Lane[]

This year on 18 rides at Wonderland you can use the Fast Lane to wait less and ride more. The rides that accepet the Fast Lane are.......

Backlot Stunt Coaster Leviathan Shockwave

Behemoth Mighty Canadian Minebuster Swing of the Century

Drop Tower Night Mares The Bat

Flight Deck Oribiter Vortex

Klockwerks Psyclone Wild Beast

Krachenwagon  Riptide Windseeker